General conditions
General conditions


PAR5 Milano reserves the right to refuse an order in the event that any Credit Institution used
(Paypal, Klarna, Satispay, etc.), is unable to receive a verification from the customer's bank.

Access to the site and related services is intended for personal use only. PAR5 Milano reserves the right to refuse orders or to refuse the provision of services to anyone at any time if the purchase was made for reasons other than personal use.

It is not permitted to make purchases for resale to third parties.

PAR5 shall be entitled to delay, cancel or reduce quantities ordered without incurring any liability
should PAR5 be hindered, impeded or delayed in obtaining or delivering the products by the
normal routes or means of delivery by circumstances beyond its reasonable control including, but not limited to, strikes, lockouts, accidents, wars, fires, third party actions, stock shortages or unavailability due to inventory management error, epidemics/pandemics, national holidays, as well as any government actions including (including but not limited to) export or licensing restrictions,

PAR5 declines all responsibility for the possibility that, due to a particular configuration of the
computer used by the customer or its malfunction, the colors of the products displayed on the site may have slight differences from the original ones.

PAR5 publishes information on its site in order to provide a service to its customers, however it declines all responsibility for the possibility of any technical or factual inaccuracies and/or
typographical errors for which immediate correction is foreseen following a report.

PAR5 also reserves the right to make corrections and changes to the site whenever it deems necessary without giving notice.
PAR5 does not offer any guarantee as to the compliance of the information published on its site with the laws established by the jurisdiction of the customer's country of residence.

PAR5 declines all responsibility for any problems, damages or risks that the user may encounter
while using the site.

PAR5 guarantees that its website is protected according to the international standards established for the Internet. When used correctly, the user is protected from the risk of viruses.

PAR5 declines all responsibility for any malfunctions related to the deactivation of cookies in the
user's browser.

PAR5 reserves the right to rectify/revise the terms and conditions contained in this legal notice, by means of an update of the same, whenever it deems it appropriate, without any obligation to give notice.
This notice contains the legal terms and conditions governing the PAR5MILANO.COM website
By accessing the website, users undertake to accept and agree to comply with all the conditions contained in this declaration.

PAR5 reserves the right to ask users who do not accept or do not intend to comply with these terms, to refrain from using the website


Products’ images contained on the PAR5MILANO.COM website are the property of PAR5.
Any use of these images, not authorized by a written consent from PAR5, will be prosecuted
according to the law. and all of its content is the property of PAR5, including documentation,
images, design, music, software, codes and format scripts.
The material contained on the website is protected by COPYRIGHT. Any reproduction, alteration, transmission, publication or redistribution to third parties, for commercial purposes, is strictly prohibited without the express written consent provided by PAR5.
PAR5 prohibits the use of the content or brands on the site for any other purpose and purpose
other than those mentioned above.
By accessing the website, users undertake to accept and agree to comply with all the conditions contained in this declaration.
PAR5 reserves the right to ask users who do not accept or do not intend to comply with these
terms, to refrain from using the website.


The raffles are organized by Par5 and this is the only valid regulation.
Participation in the lottery is subject to the following conditions.
By participating in the raffle, a contract is signed between the participant and PAR5 with the
following rights and obligations.
With his participation and consent, the participant expressly acknowledges these conditions of participation.
PAR5 reserves the right to modify, adapt, cancel or discontinue the raffle at any time for reasonable reasons (with notice, where possible).
PAR5 reserves the right to exclude participants who violate the conditions of participation.
The lottery can be played online on our website ( and / or on our social media pages.
We don't usually announce the start of the lottery in advance. The exact end (date and time) of the lottery will be communicated by us after the start.
The release time will also be communicated.
Natural persons who have reached the age of 18 at the time of participation can participate.
It is not possible to participate multiple times.
PAR5 employees cannot participate.
Any automated participation or any participation via bot is excluded.
PAR5 reserves the right to verify eligibility and to request proof of age and identity (e.g. a copy of
your ID card). Anyone who does not respond to this request can be excluded from participation.
If a person has already been drawn as a winner, the second win may subsequently be denied; any amount already charged will be later refunded.

Gli articoli acquistati non includono spese di spedizione (le tue spese di spedizione sono calcolate in base all’indirizzo. Se hai bisogno di maggiori informazioni, clicca il seguente link).
Non sono consentiti pagamenti in contrassegno.
Ordini multipli potrebbero essere cancellati.

Multiple orders could be cancelled; Cash on delivery orders (Italy) must be confirmed within 1 hour.
Every customer that wants to return or cancel a completed order will be charged a 10% operating expense, shipping cost included.
Return shipping costs and custom fees are in charge of the customer.
Par5 reserves the right to cancel your order withing 3 working days after receipt if the order itself is considered not adequate or in the event of a major issue with our storage availability.
This list will be pasted on all products that belong to the Raffle or Limited Series category and will be inserted in the product description.