In 1919 in Rochester (NY) the Feinbloom brothers founded a clothing business called Knickerbocker Knitting Mills.

A few years later the company took the name Champion U.S.A. and after designing the first lines of sportswear he began collaborating with colleges, creating school uniforms.

Around 1930 Champion launched the first ever hoodie, designed for practical purposes and as a warm-up garment for athletes to wear between playing time or practice sessions.

In the mid-twentieth century, most sports uniforms were sewn vertically because they were faster and cheaper, causing them to shrink after each wash.
 However, to solve these problems, Champion decided to literally go against the tide and began sewing clothing with a longer but superior transversal method, thus giving life in 1934 to the first engineered sweatshirt called Reverse Weave.

The “shrink resistant, durable and made to last” sweatshirt was officially patented in 1952, thus revolutionizing the sports world.